A Change in Seasons Signals a Change in Your Beauty Routine


Sultry days and starlit nights signal the return of days of frolicking at the lake, seashell safaris at the beach, and a retirement of all flannel and fuzzy fashion attire. Sandals, sunscreen, and sweat are the hallmark that summer has returned and a shift in the season should be your trigger to change up your winterized beauty ritual. Stash away heavy foundations, balmy moisturizers, and creamy cleansers and break out some light-weight alternatives that will keep skin exfoliated, hydrated, blemish-free, and perhaps even worthy of making make-up free appearances. Here are some ID Skin products that will freshen up your spa and retail offerings keeping your clients happy and resurging your revenue stream.

Swap This for That

Cleanser Considerations

Creamy cleansers can clog pores creating blemishes in skin that has decided to ramp up oil production and dump a deluge of sweat due to summer heat. Instead, have your clients switch to a gel-based cleanser such as ID Skin Purity Cleanser. Its blend of Alpha and Beat Hydroxy Acids gently exfoliate keeping pores free and clear. Citrus and Green Tea Extracts act as strong antioxidants helping to even skin tone and prevent damage from environmental stressors such as sun and smog. Some clients may even benefit from a switch to a cleanser designed to banish blemishes such as the ID Skin Clear Skin Cleanser with cooling Tea Tree and antibacterial Willow Bark.

Moisturizer Mash Up

Combining a couple of different benefits into one moisturizer will prevent having to layer a multitude of products which may create a messy melt down. Offer clients lightweight products that check off a few boxes so that their routine stays simple yet extremely effective. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Vita C Emulsion – This perfect hybrid between a serum and moisturizer is perfectly hydrating but rapidly absorbable (making make-up application effortless). A blast of Vitamin C encapsulated by liposomes makes delivery of this strong antioxidant safe for even sensitive skin. Ceramides help to retore barrier function while sodium hyaluronate plump parched skin with no stickiness.

Repair Gel – This softly whipped creamy gel moisturizer hydrates and calms fussy skin. Aloe, Cucumber, and Calendula extracts soothe while Shea butter and Vitamin E facilitate healing and calm skin irritations. Antioxidants from Vitamin C and Green Tea aid in protection from environmental free radicals.

Bakuchiol Desert Cactus Serum – Harness the protective powers of Desert Cacti with this adaptive serum containing the natural retinol alternative, Bakuchiol. Harvested from the deserts of North America, these plants have adaptive means of protection from the intense dry heat, UV radiation, and the damage that often comes with it. This blend of botanical protective proteins helps shield skin from the ravages of the environment while Bakuchiol gently stimulates regeneration of tissue so fresh glowing skin can be revealed. This serum is perfect for sensitive skin that needs a restorative boost with a quench from Organic Aloe and Glycerin.

Luminous BB Cream – Light protective minerals including Diamond Dust is cocktailed with a touch of buildable color creating a dewy, luminescent finish that evens skin tone. Red Micro-Algae reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation by up to 30% while stimulating collagen by up to 34% reducing the signs of blue light induced premature aging. Vitamin C provides antioxidants for an urban anti-pollution solution.

 Mask Metamorphosis

Move away from heavy occlusive moisturizing masks and incorporate more oil-absorbing, balancing treatments for your facial clients. These three unique masks will transform your facial service into a summer time treat while introducing your clients to retail products that they can continue to use at home for transformational results!

Green Tea Tightening (Enzyme Exfoliating) Mask – Packed with active acids and enzymes, this mask is your one stop shop for anti-aging ingredients that will help repair sun exposed, damaged, and dull skin. Green Tea’s antioxidant activity scavenges free radicals produced by pollution and light. The enzymatic exfoliation action of organic Pineapples and Papaya whisk away dry skin while a powerful blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids including Lactic and Glycolic dissolve the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together, revealing a fresh complexion while reducing the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation. Retinol stimulates new elastin and collagen formation increasing the elasticity of skin for a brighter, tighter complexion.

Lip Recovery Mask – This intense overnight lip treatment works to condition, soothe, and regenerate lips while you sleep. Antioxidants from Vitamin E protect against free radicals while Sesame Seed extract enhances adipocytes for a pout plumping effect. Indian Balmony has shown to fight fine lines around the lip blurring vertical creases and reducing lipstick bleed. Ceramides work to protect barrier function while Coconut oil and Shea butter nourish and hydrate so you arise with luscious lips.

Clear Skin Mask – Striking a perfect balance between gentle and effective, this Kaolin and Bentonite clay treatment helps to fend off flare-ups while Lemongrass and Aloe soothe inflammation and ensure healing. Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark extract prevent excess oil production while removing debris from pores and combating bacteria. Leaves skin looking soothed, clear, and radiant.

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