Retail Your Way to Retirement!

Double Your Profits in 15 Minutes Per Client

Estheticians know that their incomes are primarily based on the number of clients that they are able to get on their books each day. And a busy esthie quickly realizes that the number of hours each day will limit that income and essentially put a “glass ceiling” on the amount of money that one can make.


But what if someone told you that
there is a way to bust through that upper echelon of earnings and create an
unlimited way to make money…including in your sleep?!

And that this subsidiary cash flow is immediately accessible to you, perfectly aligns with your current business, and helps turn clients into loyal customers. Enter – Retail Skin Care Products! Selling products offers a multitude of benefits beyond doubling your income! Here are a few worth considering:

Why you should sell retail products

·        Clients come to you because they trust your expertise. That is why you are the perfect person to recommend how they should be treating their skin while they are not on your facial table. Your clients will buy skin care products from someone – why shouldn’t it be YOU?

·        Retail products don’t take up a lot of real estate. There’s no need to expand your operations; a simple shelf or cabinet can display your offerings and keep them handy for immediate post-treatment sales.

·        No need to “pitch a product” post-procedure – simply explain the ingredients that you are choosing for them during the service and then at the end, let them know that they can bring those same high-quality products home to keep up the positive improvements that are happening to their skin.

·        If a one-hour service pads your pocket with $100, then you can easily add a Benjamin to your billfold by supplying your clients with 3-4 at-home products. Fifteen extra minutes at the end of the facial should suffice for the sale.

·         While performing Facials makes you a Living, selling Retail can be your Retirement! Adding your exclusive products to your website means that you can sell day and night and even to people who are not your current clients.

·        Enjoy repeat business when your customers need additional products and they return to you for both your service and retail

 So, if your sold on retail – then the next step is to consider what company’s products to carry. By doing your homework, it is possible to find a line that will satisfy both your high demands for professional back bar products along with the right opportunity to retail.

Why you should sell our retail products

Make sure that these boxes are checked so that you can commit to a product line that exceeds your expectations and is positioned to easily add revenue to your business.

√             Offers back bar products including professional serums, masks, and exfoliating agents such as chemical peels.

√             Is NOT being sold through third party distributors such as Amazon or the brand company’s website. This keeps your clients faithful to and only purchasing from YOU!

√             Products contain high levels of active ingredients creating positive visible improvements in the skin.

√             The company does NOT have a minimum opening order or forces you to launch with products that they choose.

√             The company does NOT require that your individual orders meet a minimum forcing you to over purchase or buy things that you do not need.

√             The company does not force you to purchase a certain amount of product each year or threaten to revoke your account.

√             Education is included with your account and a representative is easily accessed to address your questions and concerns.

√             Marketing images and other tools are made available to you to assist with your website and social media postings.

√             New innovative products are frequently launched keeping your offerings fresh and fun.


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