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As estheticians, it is our business to be aware that there are specific formulas for specific skin concerns. But we also should be mindful that choosing products wisely can create an effective back bar that is also cost-effective in that it that can be multifunctional for all skin types. That’s good business sense!

Cleansers come in all types, but choosing a cleanser suitable for all is a prudent money-saving idea! ID Skin offers Purity Cleanser, which will make all skin types clean, balanced, refreshed, and ready for the next step.

A toner’s job is meant to gently refresh your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. This means toners should not irritate sensitive skin or cause dryness. Choose a broad-spectrum toner to accomplish this. ID Skin offers the Purity Toner, a perfect fit for naturally healing skin.

Every facial follows a protocol that leads one step to the next step, so for our Smart Back Bar, we will include an exfoliant. Exfoliated skin reacts and accepts treatments better, so choosing a gentle but effective exfoliant is essential to our “smart” approach. But choose wisely; exfoliants can be expensive. Use an exfoliating product that will be effective for all skin types.

ID Skin’s Enzyme Polish utilizes physical and enzymatic exfoliation. The length of time you leave it on will vary, depending on the client’s skin, but you can generally buy one exfoliant and use it on most clients. Consider this an integral step in your facial. Once you remove the exfoliant, the skin is ready to accept hydration and treatments.

Now the skin is ready for a mask. Our Moisture Mask is a clay-based mask that hydrates, tightens, and tones the skin. This mask is perfect for all skin types.

Follow the mask regiment with a moisture cream, such as Repair Gel, or 24/7. These basic hydrating products can easily be used for a facial massage and are excellent for soothing skin irritation.

No facial is complete without a nice eye cream for the under-eye area. Choose a multifunctional Eye Cream such as Copper Peptide Eye Cream. This product does triple action and contains ingredients for puffiness, anti-aging, and discoloration all in one product! SMART!

A serum can be an extra step or add on in any facial; you should charge accordingly for this extra. We recommend you have two or three serums on hand to choose from. The HA Peptide Serum gives deep, immediate hydration with Hyaluronic Acid, which draws moisture to the skin. Our Clarity Brightening Serum addresses dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

After you exfoliate, the need for certain treatments is evident as the skin and damage are exposed. Usually, dry or dehydrated skin will be the case of dark spots. These are the two constants in aging skin. Remember to choose two serums for your Smart Back Bar. Use them accordingly as a finish to the facial and treat with sunscreen where indicated.

As you build a following of repeat clients, you can add specific treatments for different concerns. The foundation has already been created with our SMART BACK BAR; you now have what you need for a complete facial and can address any client that books.

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