As working professionals, we get so busy with day-to-day business that many people fail to see that having a retail area open and ready for business can work magic on your bottom line! A minimal amount of attention is needed when done correctly. Keep your retail space clean, fresh, and inviting to make it an excellent addition to your services.

You are the expert. You’re doing a service and have the client’s complete attention and trust, so why not send that happy customer home with some effective (and profit-making) follow-up products? It’s just the perfect opportunity. Remember to suggest items that go hand-in-hand and make sure to present the information in the form of guidance; remember, you are the PRO!

Clients tend to ask questions like “How do you determine the right products to use” or “What results can I expect from this treatment.” They will want your guidance, so be sure to make it an earning opportunity. Don’t just tell them about one item; sell two and link the sales to the services you just performed that made them glow! After all that work, you don’t want to send them home to use that drugstore alternative, right?

Customers will always seek an effective moisturizer and eye cream. These are basic components of skincare routines that help with dryness and irritation. Then there are specific concerns like dark spots or dull skin. Here you can add two serums to the rescue. That’s four simple retail items that offer a broad spectrum of uses and are adequate for most skin types. ID Skin has a great introductory retail promotion of these simple items, and you get a free tester of each! View the Retail Specials Kit.

A simple yet valuable retail area with a great moisturizer, eye cream, and a few serums will be all you need to see the profits start coming in. As you continue to sell, invest those profits into a few more retail items and watch the profits grow! Then you can take it to the next step and open an online shop right on your website or Facebook page. Not only is it a small investment with a significant return, but ID Skin products are not sold anywhere else except at professional licensed practices, so they will need to come back to you for more!

Make your retail space appealing and effective. You can always start small but ensure you have a tester of each item there for them to try. Info cards about the products are also helpful for clients looking for more information. If you have a staff at your business location, be sure they have tried and can recommend all the products offered. Try rewarding them with incentives if they sell a certain amount.

Artwork on the wall is great, but a poster from your skincare company works wonders in the facial room. It creates an opening to discuss the brand. Signage in the reception area next to the retail products is effective, adds color, and helps to draw interest in the offerings. Signage on the front door helps clients know that you have a respected brand in place and are ready to meet all their skincare needs!

ID Skin Pro offers a FREE Marketing Kit for registered partners. View the Marketing Kit.

ID Skin Pro has made this all available for you to take your services to the next level and sell, sell, sell!