Facial Treatment Kit

Facial Treatment Kit


11 Hero Products Facial Treatment Kit with a bonus Zip-up ‘Hello Beautiful’ Makeup bag.

  • Radiance Cleansing Oil
  • Purity Cleanser
  • Citrus Scrub
  • Purity Toner
  • Blueberry Peel
  • Moisture Mask
  • Regenerating Serum with Growth Factors
  • Vita C Emulsion
  • Majic Eyes
  • Timeless Moisture
  • SunGuard
  • Bonus: Zip-up ‘Hello Beautiful’ Makeup Bag

11 Facial Treatment Kit with a bonus zip-up ‘Hello Beautiful’ makeup bag.


Radiance Cleansing Oil
A velvety cocktail filled with nourishing oils cleans the skin and removes stubborn makeup. Learn More.

Purity Cleanser
A mild, gel-based multi-functional cleanser that cleans skin and removes makeup, tones and tightens skin, and gently exfoliates surface cells. Learn More.

Citrus Scrub
Refreshing and astringent botanical scrub. Learn More.

Purity Toner
“All-in-one” post-cleanse and pre-treatment toner. Learn More.

Blueberry Peel
Gentle organic fruit peel. Learn More.

Moisture Mask
Rejuvenating and purifying creamy clay-based mask. Learn More.

Regenerating Serum with Growth Factors

A serum designed to promote the growth of epidermal cells, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and assist in skin recovery. Learn More.

Vita C Emulsion
An elegant emulsion delivers lightweight hydration with a gentle delivery of Liposomal Vitamin C for sensitive and mature skin types. Learn More.

Majic Eyes
Deep hydrating eye gel with a powerhouse of anti-aging ingredients. Learn More.

Timeless Moisture
Moisturizer with cutting-edge ingredients and premium moisturizing agents that aid collagen formation and the appearance of tightened skin. Learn More.

Aloe base cream to help protect skin from environmental exposure. Learn More.

Bonus: Zip-up ‘Hello Beautiful’ Makeup Bag

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