How to Effortlessly Incorporate Aromatherapy into Your Spa Treatment

Creating a relaxing and stress-crushing environment in your treatment room is essential to delivering the most soothing and ideal spa experience to your clients. Perhaps you have incorporated tranquilizing tunes and lulling lighting to further enhance the calming climate that you wish to create. But with the sensation of smell being the number one sense to trigger memories and shift our mood, aromatherapy should be a consideration in any spa setting. Here are a few tips to easily incorporate scent into your facial treatments that could result in additional retail sales and income!

Aromatherapy can be defined as the use of essential oils and essences from plants (flowers, fruits, herbs, or trees) to maintain and promote physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Even food, colognes, and other smells can serve as a form of aromatherapy. We all can recall a favorite memory that makes us feel happy and peaceful, triggered by a smell. Maybe it is the aroma of vanilla sugar cookies baking in our mother’s oven or the scent of our grandpa’s cologne when he took us on a Sunday outing that brings back feelings of joy and contentment. Likewise, any amazing scent-sation that you can create for your clients will invoke feelings and memories of relaxation…especially if they are able to experience those same products at home.

Set The Stage: Your Treatment Room And Beyond

The beginning and ending of a facial treatment are the perfect opportunities to set the mood with a scent. Before you kick on that steamer and dive head-first into your cleanse and exfoliation, take a moment to create an aromatherapy ritual to set the stage. No need to go out and buy a special machine or even spend bundles on an essential oil kit when ID Skin has the perfect products that will serve the purpose and go beyond. Our in-house esthetician, in partnership with our chemist, developed two go-to-toners that not only smell amazing but treat the skin at the same time! With a bottle in your back-bar, you can spritz, calm, and then talk about how your clients can bring these products home to create their own misting ritual that can be used throughout the day to treat and relax.

ID Skin Wild Plum Toner

Botanicals: Good For The Skin & The Soul

ID Skin’s Wild Plum Toner is packed full of sustainably-sourced indigenous plums from Australia. Kakadu, Illawarra, and Burdekin Plums high in Vitamin C and Iron oxygenate and refresh the look and feel of fatigued skin. Mineral-rich Sea Water, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, and Snow Mushroom nourish and replenish moisture. With a blend of other aromatics such as Blueberry, Raspberry, and Watermelon, this is a mouth-watering treatment that’s good for the skin and the soul!

ID Skin Blue Tansy Mist Spray

Perfect Products Worth Bringing Home

Spray away irritation and breakouts with a blend of botanicals targeted to calm and heal the skin. ID Skin’s Blue Tansy Mist helps to clear congested pores and reduce redness, while Mallow calms over-sensitized skin. Backed by clinical testing, Poria Mushroom, and Reed Grass effectively reduce inflammation and strongly support skin in dealing with external stressors. The soothing scent of Blue Tansy intermingled with Chamomile, Lavender, and Geranium makes this a smell-good, feel-good product worth bringing home.

Putting Scent-Sational Products Into Practice

Easily introduce your clients to these scent-sations in one of two ways. Simply spritz into the air one to two feet above your client’s face and let the mist gently fall onto their skin. Or, wrap your client’s face in a warm, moist towel, leaving an opening at their nose and mouth. Spritz the toner onto the palms of your hands and hold your hands about six inches above their nose, inviting them to deeply and slowly breathe in and out a few times. Either of these methods can be performed at any stage of your facial but are particularly delightful at the beginning and end.

Balanced Skin & the Bottom Line

Retailing these products to your clients will help support beautifully balanced skin, increase your bottom line, and keep them remembering their luxurious facial with you every time they mist their face! And just like that, you have created an aromatherapeutic facial with a profitable ending!

Buy a sample of each to begin your own exploration into aromatherapy by clicking HERE or calling us at 239.939.5454 to find out more!

And remember to always Be the Best Version of You!